How it all started
Summer 2017 — Indianapolis, IN
Gleb and Charlee were both accepted into the Techpoint Xtern program for a summer of internships in tech. Brought together by Charlee's roommate Lucy on the second night, the two didn't wait long to find activities to do together in excuse to spend time together (walks along the river, game nights, cooking dinner for each other, and swing dancing).

On July 2 Gleb asked Charlee to be his girlfriend, and they became official. They then spent the rest of the summer enjoying their time together, and, can't forget to mention, beating Rock Band 2 on PS2 with their roommates.
FALL 2017
Sadly, all summers come to an end, and the two returned to college. Gleb at Indiana University for an accelerated 1 year Masters program in Computer Science, and Charlee to finish up her senior year at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Despite the stresses of school, the two find time to visit each other on weekends, and send regular snaps to stay in touch, knowing the distance would all be worth it in the end.
After graduating from their respective college programs, Gleb and Charlee embark on a celebratory roadtrip to Colorado!

Charlee then moves to Indianapolis to begin her design career, and Gleb takes a Data Science position in Bloomington. Still apart, but at least in the same time zone.

Also, in this time, Charlee adopts the adorable fluff ball Rory!
Gleb accepts a new position in Indianapolis, and the two move into their 6460 rental home! During that time, they buy a piano which Gleb regularly plays while Charlee curls up happily on the couch, they adopt a second cat Meiko, and spend their free time working in their yard and exploring the restaurants and shops in the Broad Ripple neighborhood.

November of 2019, Gleb surprises Charlee by popping the question, to which she of course says yes! And the two begin further planning their lives together.
Winter 2020
February 8, 2020 Gleb and Charlee are married in a traditional Orthodox ceremony with immediate family and church in attendance. Including Gleb's grandparents who travel for a few months out of the year from Ukraine, and didn't want to miss their last grandchild's wedding before their visitor visas ended.
November 2020
Gleb and Charlee buy their first house at 6007 Broadway St. in lovely Broad Ripple.
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